Want to manage your soccer team? Get Fifa Manager 2009
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Bright Future

FIFA Manager 09 is a game by Bright Future published by Electronic Arts Sports. The point of the game is to manage every single detail of a football team, from the game strategy to merchandising. You have to choose a team from one of the 65 leagues available in the game. Once you choose the team, then you just handle everything. During the matches you will have a new interface where you will see the action of the match. You get new tactics and traits for the players such as attacking mentality, time wasting, running frequency and such. There is also an option of team talk in the dressing room, to point your players in what areas they need to improve. Thats not all: you handle the player transfers, as well as staff transfers (lawyers, psychologists, and so on). The transfer system has got a lot harder, and you really feel rewarded when you complete a deal. In a nutshell, this game is for true fanatics that want to get involved in everything that has to be done for running a club. That may put off some gamers who don't want to have such a steep learning curve, but overall the game is very rewarding.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A lot of detail in the management of a soccer team


  • Some people may find its options overwhelming
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